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April 15th Tea Party!

America, I just returned from the Texas Tea Party, and it was absolutely fantastic! It was empowering, enlightening, and just a total flow of optimism! Not optimism in the failed policies and politics of our corrupt Government. Optimism in that we had each other. All of us were joined together, as Americans. All of us were joined together as one. There were several thousand at the Tea Party I attended. 

There were as many as 20,000 protesters gathered in Atlanta. And there were over 2,000 Tea Parties that happened across the nation! The people have spoken, but Washington... are you listening??? It was wonderful going to one of these events, because you knew right away that you were not alone. 

There was an astounding sense of camaraderie, that I will certainly never forget. And now I know for sure, having witnessed this with my own eyes... that we surround them! Happy April 15th everyone. What is usually a very stressful and tough day for Americans, has now become a day of empowerment, togetherness and common sense. God bless America.  


  1. Was at the Atlanta one... amazing. In the fullest sense of the word. And you're right there were about 20 thousand there.

  2. you shouldve seen the one in austin, it was so neat! i'll defintietely be goin to more in the future.

  3. The one in San Antonio was the absolute best. It was hosted at the Alamo, and best of all, I was feet away from Glenn Beck! THE Glenn Beck. And they had a lot of other really cool people there too: Ted Nugent, a celebrity actress whose name I've forgotten (but she was really pretty), and they had self-defense advocate Joe Horn! And did I mention Glenn Beck was there?

  4. The way CNN and MSNBC covered the Tea Parties was absolutely shameful. They're a bunch of fascist propagandists. FOX News is heroic. They're the voice of the people.