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Trashing an American Hero

The man pictured on the left, is an American hero. He was a Navy SEAL who fought hard for the country he loved. One day, he and his comrades were conducting a risky mission, that resulted in the deaths of every soldier, except for this man on the left. 

The name of the man on the left is Marcus Luttrell, who was severely wounded in the operation. He was taken captive by terrorists and tortured in ways that are absolutely unwritable. I'm not exactly sure how everything happened next, so I won't pretend like I do. I've read many conflicting stories as to how he got away from his captors. But one thing's for sure-- he did get away, and he was rescued by American forces. This is just a very brief overview about this man. 

For a more detailed account, you can check the 1st part out here, and the 2nd part here. But the reason I'm briefly telling you about this American hero, and the story of his survival, is because of something terrible that happened to him late at night on April 5th, 2009. Because of Luttrell's trauma, he finds it hard to sleep at night, so he mostly sleeps during the day. So late at night, he heard a gunshot coming from the front yard of his house. He jumps from his bed, checks to make sure if his mother is alright, and then he bolts outside with his gun in hand.

Once outside, he sees four men standing there, and one of them has a gun. And right by their feet is Luttrell's dog "Dasy" laying dead. These men came to this hero's house and killed his dog just for the fun of it. Now before I continue with the story, I want to tell you more about this dog "Dasy", because it's very important. When Luttrell came home from the war, after being rescued, he came home a very broken guy physically and emotionally. And so this puppy was given to the Navy SEAL, so that he could have company while he was going through all the hard times. 

And of course, Luttrell bonded with this puppy, and he named her "Dasy". Each letter of the name "Dasy" represents one of the fallen members of his combat team. So this dog had a lot of sentimental value. It helped Luttrell recover emotionally, and it was sort of a symbol for his fallen comrades. But these four men came in the middle of the night, and shot "Dasy" in cold blood. Just because they could. 

These monsters looked to be between the ages of 18-24. As soon as they saw the veteran with his gun, they jumped into their vehicle and sped off. But Luttrell got into his truck and pursued closely behind. He chased these punks through four counties, all the while he was on the phone with police. Finally, they gave up after seeing a police roadblock and at least three men were detained. By the way though, when these guys stepped out of their vehicle, they were laughing at Luttrell and verbally threatening his life. They even joked about the way they murdered "Dasy". Hell was created for a very good reason.

One of the four does remain at large, his name is Michael Edmonds and we hope he's found. You can see what Michael Edmonds looks like here. If you see that man, call your local authorities and don't let him leave your sight. This cowardly low-life deserves a maximum sentence for trashing an American hero. We hope Mr. Luttrell will be okay. You can read the full story, or see the Luttrell video interview

**Full credit goes to FOX News,, and for the videos, information and photos. 

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