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Revolution in America (Central that is)

Costa Rica recently saw a change in leadership by force. The Costa Rican Congress dispatched troops to arrest President Zelaya, accusing him of holding an illegal referendum on their Constitution. Pres. Zelaya was seeking to eliminate any limit to how many terms he could serve. Zelaya, a known Socialist and ally of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, fled when Costa Rican troops seized the National Palace. The Congress later voted to accept what it said is Zelaya's letter of resignation.
I think it is important to note their Congress said they acted to defend their Constitution. I think this is a brave and daring act to preserve their country. The U.S. used to be this way and needs to be again. Our troops, federal agents and politicians all take an oath to defend the Constitution (not the country) against all enemies foreign and domestic, yet we are beset with dozens of such enemies. Our banks are being nationalized, our medicine socialized and our businesses are being subjected to fascist control. Fascist in the style of Mussolini. We are quickly losing our national identity and our President is being globally viewed as a weakling and a joke.
We need to get past ideas of the left and the right and start seeing things as right and wrong. Millions have shed their blood and lost their lives for this nation. It's high time we honored them be restoring the original concept the founding Fathers laid down on paper.

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