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First Post

I don't want to jump into the issues right away. Instead, I would like to sort of orient you as to what this blog is about and what to expect. I realize that I sorta did that on the right, but there are a few more things which I'd like to say and expand on, that I felt would be too long for some small right-hand spot.

First of all, I would like to welcome you again to Blog of our Fathers aka "BOOF". You are probably aware by now, what this blog is going to be about. But as far as what to expect, you can rely on a clear and simple explanation, of whatever issue is spoken about here. Second, not everyone is big on politics and cultural issues, so things will be approached in a very simple, clear-cut manner. That way everyone can understand what's going on. 

There's a lot of complication in politics, so we'll just take everything one step at a time, and we'll try to give a clear and understandable viewpoint, in as simple and few words as possible. Third, I would like to introduce myself. I'm "Pluto". Pluto is a pen-name I've made for myself for the sake of net security. Currently I'm the only one running the blog, but soon I hope to bring in a few other writers as well. 

And finally, in case you still do not know what this blog is about: we (future "we") advocate Individual Liberty, Capitalism, Small Government, and the American way. We believe in the country our Fathers founded, and thus the name Blog of our Fathers. We oppose the current big oppressive Government, who strives to take away our rights and freedoms daily, and we oppose the numerous false choices politicians give us. We also oppose the media's attempts to define who we as individuals are, and their monstrous work of trying to wipe away our strong traditional moral fiber. A moral fiber that we have always had, and have always championed. 

So not only will this blog be about political issues, it will also be filled with entertainment reviews that pertain to, and effect, our American way. Personally, I am a Libertarian and I'm a Conservative one at that. But there will be other writers on this blog who are not Libertarians. While their beliefs and mine are the same, they have chosen to associate themselves with different parties and alliances. You have my personal guarantee though, that no matter what their political affiliation, they advocate the principles I've laid forth in this post. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.


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