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We Support Sheriff Arpaio!

Meet Joe Arpaio, the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Joe isn't your average law man. He doesn't just pass out tickets. He doesn't let the "little" things go. And he sure as heck doesn't cater to the monsters in or out of the prison system. No, Joe is a different kinda border Sheriff in that, well... he actually takes his job seriously and does it. Donning a cowboy hat and big rugged boots, Arpaio takes a John Wayne-style hellishly ballsy approach to the issues he faces. Especially on crime and illegal immigration. His punishments for inmates range from hard labor to staying in blistering hot tents. He's even made the most brutal and barbarous criminals, wear pink underwear. That's right. Pink. 

He's conducted countless raids on drug and weapon-smuggling houses. He's cracked down on violent gangs, who have in the past, terrorized our own. By doing all of these things, and much more, Joe Arpaio has significantly reduced crime in his jurisdiction. Oh yeah-- by eliminating comforts for the criminals, Sheriff Joe has shaved $500,000 annually from the cost of keeping prisoners. His policies radically reduce the crime rate and they're cost effective. And we definitely need that, considering this time of economic crisis. So who could possibly be against a tough, but good guy like Joe? Congress. Congress! Because they can't screw up enough. Four US "Representatives" (as if they really represent us), have asked the Justice Department to conduct a civil rights investigation on the Sheriff and the way he runs things. You know, since Congress has done such a bang-up job on immigration and crime lately!

Here's the list of Representatives, who oppose Arpaio and the policies of his that work. If you know their names you can vote them out: John Conyers Jr. of Michigan; Jerrold Nadler of New York; Zoe Lafgren of California; and Robert Scott of Virginia. Now hold that thought for a moment. In Phoenix, Arizona last year there were 359 kidnappings. That's one kidnapping a day for almost a full year. Phoenix comes in 2nd place for most kidnappings in the world. Not just the country. Second place on the whole planet. That's probably due to a lot of things. Gangs, escaped criminals, mentally troubled and violent adults, and illegal immigrants who have a long history of crime. Regardless of what the cause is, here's where I'm going with this: Sheriff Arpaio has stepped up his efforts to stop the madness in Phoenix, by conducting more raids and sweeps as often as possible. Him and his team have strived with great effort, to beat down the crime in Phoenix. But they can't just focus on Phoenix and forget about the rest of the county.

They're somewhat stretched out. So back to the four Representatives, they see Sheriff Arpaio doing his best to get Phoenix and the rest of his jurisdiction under control. They can look at Joe's record of success in the past, and know he's a good Law Enforcer. They know of the havoc that's in Phoenix right now, so what do they do? Try and give Arpaio more man-power? Money out of their own pockets? Weapons? A word of appreciation even? No. These four Representatives want to bring Sheriff Joe down! Why? Because he's "racially profiling". Turns out Sheriff Joe had the insane idea that most illegals in Arizona were-- dare I say it --Hispanic! Poor ol' Joe. Little does he know that the majority of illegal immigrants in Arizona, are in fact... Canadian. Riiiight. Not only is he supposedly a racial-profiler, "he violates the illegals' civil rights". Hmmmm, I thought the only people that had rights under the Constitution was Americans. But not according to these Representatives from Capitol Hill. Of course, they don't even read the bills and legislations they vote on, so how can we trust that they've ever read the Constitution to begin with?

Leave it to the geniuses in Washington, to burden the man-on-the-ground actually working and sweating to save the country. Leave it to those morons in D.C. to play politics and pretend like they're the ones solving our problems. Leave it to these whack-jobs on Capitol Hill, to force their politically correct agenda down our throats. I bet if we were to force these four Representatives to haul their butts down to the real America, to do the work Joe's been doing, they'd be a lot more approving of the Sheriff's ideas and policies. But they'd never consider such a thing. They're snugly tucked away in their offices, playing their little games, and not giving a crap about the American people... only their own re-elections. 

Which side do I choose? Do I take the side of Congress, whose incompetence overwhelms me everyday? Do I take the side of a congress whose put my country so deep into debt, foreigners nearly own the economy? Do I side with the Congress who signs papers they don't read? Or do I side with Sheriff Joe Arpaio? A man who has drastically cut the crime rate while also cutting costs. Do I side with the Sheriff who doesn't hide behind a desk, but actually gets out there and puts himself on the line everyday? Would your congressman do that? Blog of our Fathers supports Sheriff Joe Arpaio! We think there should be more lawmen and lawmakers like Joe, and less like the ninnies who want him probed. BOOF sides with the man some people call "America's Toughest Sheriff". We support the man who stands in the face of danger for our safety on the edge of a border that has all but broken into chaos. We refuse to support the Government hermits who hide and isolate themselves in their offices like the dictators they are.

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