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Infoman's Introduction

Greetings all! I am recent addition to this blog. The founder of this blog so impressed me with his views and his site that I asked to be a part of it. As the title says, this is my introduction. I was born in 1958, the product of a long line of Conservative thinkers stretching back to the days of the American Revolution. My Father's family emigrated from Germany prior to the Revolution and migrated west and south. His branch of the family settled in Kansas, where I was born. Mother's family was from Ireland and came here during the great Potato famine. I hope to bring you opinions that you find well thought out and incisive. I welcome detractors as they are the best source for refining my views.Hey Chief, thanks again. I hope I don't disappoint you.Ok, down to business. 

The news has reported the recent shootings in New York. An Associated Press story says nearly every gunman in this month long series of mass killings was legally entitled to fire his weapons...What? I don't recall any law that allows anyone to "fire his weapons" in the commission of a crime! The U.S. Supreme Court has finally affirmed we have the right to keep and bear our arms but I don't recall anything they said gives anyone the right to go shooting with intent to murder people! This is exactly the kind of sloppy reporting that fuels mindless arguments in support of more useless and ineffective gun laws!

It turns out a State Police informant reported in nineteen-ninetyseven that Jiverly Wong was planning a bank heist to feed a Cocaine habit. Wong's Broome County permit was a year from expiration and did not have to be renewed. Despite local authorities having broad discretion in reviewing permits in regards to drug use, criminal behavior or violence, Wong's permit was renewed.Binghamton police chief Joseph Zikuski said Tuesday that no robbery occurred and there was no merit to review Wong's gun permit. 

Apparently Wong's reputed drug habit alledged to by a State Police informant wasn't enough cause for concern...Here's my point. Tragedy and evil acts occur. They are a part of life and thus, unavoidable. Chief Zikuski is no less responsible for Wong's act by ignoring a report that indicated a drug problem than Wong shooting those people. It proves once again that the problem isn't a lack of laws but a lack of enforcement, or in this case a lack of available preventive measures.
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