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Warlike acts?

Yesterday, ABC News and the Wall Street Journal reported that agents of China and Russia hacked into our national power grids and left behind software designed to drive those grids down. It's believed the spies were on a mission to map the U.S. electrical system and its controls, according to current and former U.S. security officials. No systems were disabled or driven down but were made susceptible to such action in the future, say during a time of war. To my way of thinking, these are acts of war. They have threatened our national security and placed us in a position of vulnerability. These software bombs need to be investigated and made a public issue. Russia and China need to be put on notice such acts won't be tolerated...but alas, such won't be the case.

Not surprising to me, the White House has been silent in response to this news. Our President is seen as a paper tiger with no claws. Instead of speaking as the leader of a world power, his appearance at the G20 summit makes him look more like Oliver Twist asking "please Sir, I want some more." He sticks his hand out meekly to Iran seeking friendship and promptly gets told where he can stuff it. Of course we know Iran is a puppet state for Russia and former Russian President, Vladimir Putin made it clear we are the enemy. Then there's China who holds the lions share of our debt with the power to collect. Their hands are so deep in our pockets, they can tell if our underwear is clean. Meanwhile Congress and the President create another crippling bailout so they can get their hands on control of the corporations and banks foolish enough to accept them.

China and Russia are not only betting on us to fail, they're working towards it. Once we collapse, all they have to do is cut our electrical power off, walk in hand in hand and divide us up like a pie. When the lights come back on, we'll be occupied by hostile, foreign forces. By now, some of you are thinking that I'm oversimplifying how easily we could be conquered. Consider this. Most of our active duty military is abroad. Our only military forces at home are the National Guard and the Coast Guard. Large numbers of the National Guard are currently in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Coast Guard isn't equipped for land warfare. Even if the Guardsmen were home, we have no guarantee our Government wouldn't cooperate with the invaders and send the National Guard against us.

The best bet we have going is the Supreme Court decision finally affirming our right as individuals to keep and bear arms. Despite what Liberals tell you, we who own firearms, are the unorganized Militia and the last line of national defense. Obama's current indecisiveness over how to handle the Somali pirates holding an American ship captain hostage leaves me with little confidence he'll handle this global act of espionage very well.

Comedian Robin Williams used to do a bit in his standup act portraying his idea of how Jimmy Carter would handle the outbreak of nuclear war. He looks at the audience and says, "Good evening ladies and're on your own. Goodnight!" and proceeds to exit stage right. Perhaps Mr. Williams will turn out to be more Prophet than Comic although I sincerely hope not.


  1. I don't usually comment on my own work but seeing as Obama okayed force twice to deal with the pirates and it worked, I must give him credit for handling this correctly.

  2. Absolutely. A Non-Interventionist foreign policy would certainly permit what we did in that situation. We were attacked, we defended. Wouldn't have had it any other way.