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Penn Jillette: Trillion

Penn Jillete is an expert illusionist who performs in Las Vegas. While Penn plays fascinating tricks for his viewers, he gets fed up with the tricks our Government is playing, that...well... isn't exactly dazzling the "audience". In this video, the amazing magician talks about the Government's latest "performance", and why it sucks.

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  1. WOW that blows My MIND WIDE OPEN! Teller is dead on!This makes me sick that we are so stupid in the Country to sit back and allow this filth to happen! THAT'S OUR MONEY NOT HIS!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ANYONE WHO READS THIS STOP BEING SHY ABOUT TALKING TO THE ISSUES IF EVER THERE WAS A TIME TO BREAK OUT OF YOUR SHELL I'M PRETTY SURE IT'S NOW!!!!!!!